Pali History

The Legend of Pali

Pali was founded in 1990 by company president, Andy Wexler, who – then a junior at UCLA – had a vision of establishing a unique organization that created unforgettable experiences for children of all ages. Based in the Pacific Palisades area of West Los Angeles known as “Pali” to locals, the company has enjoyed tremendous growth and success.

The Early Years

During that first summer of 1990, Andy opened Pali Day Camp as a means of introducing children to hundreds of new activities in a safe, exciting and non-competitive environment. The camp had modest beginnings, with about 25 campers each session, along with a handful of counselors and 2 vans.

By 1993, the camp had steadily grown to 50 campers a week, 10 counselors and 4 vans. The quality of the programming had attracted the attention of numerous movie stars, who entrusted their kids to Pali. In fact, to many, Pali Day Camp was known as the “camp for the stars”. In later years, the camp began to offer a series of traveling adventures such as whitewater rafting trips. Due to its’ great success as a day camp, Andy decided to expand his dream into what is now Pali Adventures Summer Camp, an overnight adventure camp for children aged 8 to 16.

Pali Mountain

In 1999, Andy purchased a 74-acre site near Lake Arrowhead, CA – formerly Camp O-Ongo – to fulfill his dream of building the best overnight summer camp available for children. Nestled on 2,000 acres of pristine wilderness in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, Pali Adventures Summer Camp has continually grown to create one of the most renowned camps in the Southern California region and has since become home to two additional companies on the site – Pali Institute and Pali Retreat & Conference Center.

To accommodate for the success and continuous growth, Pali Mountain completed one of the largest construction projects seen in the San Bernardino Mountains in recent years. With 12 new 1,000 square foot cabins and a brand new 27,000 square foot dining hall and multi-purpose recreation center, the new project provides a significant number of new jobs for the community and gives more children, families and groups the chance to experience the time of their lives at Pali Mountain.